Darrel’s “Contemporary Memorials”

I am using elements of an old folk-art technique, to enhance obituaries from the New York Times.

In this technique, nocturnal scenes of gravestones drawn on a reflective surface represented other worldliness and the passing of life. A missing shoe, or a butterfly were hidden symbols of death.

I will create similar illustrations in flat black frames, drawn on sandpaper-like paper I make using reflective glass beads.

The original obituary will be included with the artwork in an envelope attached to the back. Newsprint is not meant to last. It yellows quickly with time and will dry and crumble.

Shown here are some of the obituaries that I have chosen to honor. With some, my reasons are personal. With others, well known personalities, I share with you their obituaries. They give us clues to a much richer life than what we, their public, knew of.


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